Relationship Coach Explains 2015 How to Manifest a Lover For a Lifetime

Make sure you're on the lookout for clues that mean your love relationship is coming. Or, look for evidence that your current relationship is getting better, if you're already in one. Due to the RAS (reticular activation system) in our brains, we're wired to seek and acquire that wwhich we are searching for. It is the same mechanism in your brain that finds dents in cars everywhere, but only after you have acquired a dent in your car. Set your expectations to find evidence of happy couples. Read more [...]

If Your Ex Is In A Relationship Chances Are They’ll Be Broken Up Before Christmas 2015 – Here’s Why

If your ex is currently in a relationship I've got some good news for you -- chances are high that they'll be broken up before Christmas. Here's why. A study of 10,000 Facebook statuses with "broken up", "break up" revealed that the two weeks leading up to Christmas is a massive break up time. Christmas is a time when we feel the most sentimental, when we reflect on our lives and the people around us and about our new years resolutions just around the corner. And if your ex has been Read more [...]

How to Prepare Your Teenager For Godly Relationships 2015 New

These days, Godly relationships seem as extinct as dinosaurs. Every time your teenager turns on the television or reads a magazine, they are inundated with the latest celebrity relationship news. These secular influences treat dating like a hobby, and during the impressionable teen years, it is important to help your teenager realize that it is possible to have a Godly relationship. Be direct, but don't lecture. Teenagers mature at a much faster rate than they did 20 years ago. When you talk Read more [...]

My Ex is in a New Relationship 2015 – Can I Get Them Back?

Saving your relationship is hard enough, but trying to do it while your ex is in a new relationship can make things even more complicated. If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend moved on before you had the chance to fix your break up, you might feel like the situation is already lost. Well I'm here to tell you you'd be wrong about that. The fact that your ex jumped straight into a new relationship means that he or she is probably on the rebound. The good news about rebound relationships is that Read more [...]

Special News: Using Rebound Relationship to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back Latest

For those of you who try to win your ex girlfriend back, knowing that she's in a rebound relationship, you find yourself feeling hopeless. Most guys in this position find it almost impossible to win their girlfriend back. Some, not knowing exactly how to react accordingly to a rebound relationship, strained their relationship even further. However, many also have successfully won their girlfriend back after knowing how to take advantage and act accordingly of a rebound relationship. Why can't Read more [...]