Fight for Your Marriage 2015 : How Arguing in A Relationship Is Healthy

While having an argument with your partner has some repercussions, there are still healthy benefits to it. Some people don't actually realize that they're worth it and valuable. For those who are interested to know how to save your marriage or your relationship, the answer might surprise you. Argue away. What Most Married Couples Fight About Finding any married couples who don't even argue at all is like finding a guy who doesn't drink; they do exist but they're just too rare. In fact, Read more [...]

How To Create A Healthy, Loving Relationship

Some people naturally assume that having a relationship will automatically lead you to happiness. This is not always the case although it can happen. All the romantic movies out there are testament tto this fact with two people, having been through so much suddenly falling into each other's arms at the end of the movie having gone past all their obstacles and just living a happy life from now on. All of this looks like a bit of a fairy tale in the grand scheme of things and quite unrealistic. Read more [...]

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy 2015 Is Really Simple

Keeping a relationship is not very difficult, provided both the partners are willing to put in the required effort. Try these simple ideas and see your relationship grow healthier. Keep your promises You may not be able to fulfill every promise that you make, but don't make a habit of it. Giving your word for ssomething and then not doing the same is OK once in a while. If you do that repeatedly, your partner will lose trust in you. And once trust is gone, it doesn't take long for a relationship Read more [...]

Living in an Unhealthy Relationship: 5 Tips 2015 to Know If It’s a Fight or Flight

A relationship, technically, should only be defined by the individuals who are involved in a relationship. For two people, what is defined as a healthy or a good relationship may be different from the other. However, there's a huge difference if we talk about a relationship defined by its character and shape and a relationship that's generally unhealthy or is causing harm to both or either partners. Everyone deserves a relationship that's full of hearts and flowers. But if you're in a hostile Read more [...]

5 Tips 2015 for Renewing a Relationship

September is the start of the school year, and for many adults, even those who haven't sat at a classroom desk for years, there is a primal feeling that it is time to either start something new or freshen things up. My husband and I met on August 31 at the USC Town & Gown many years ago so perhaps this also sparked my interest in writing on the topic of relationship renewal for this issue of the newsletter. Here are five tips for renewing love in your relationship, whether it's a year Read more [...]